Days away……

I’ve been so lucky to spend a few days away, catching up with family that live far to the south of where I am. We try and catch up with each other at least twice a year, but this year my visit coincided with Birthdays which made it even more special. I’m afraid I didn’t get much stitching done because there was too many other, and dare I say, more important things clambering for my attention….I finally picked up my sewing properly, on the journey home. Oh, how lovely that was…. to sit, sew and sometimes stare out of the window as the scenery flashed by…



Today has been a day of catching up with chores and getting back into the swing of life at home. Being away is always fun but when all’s said and done, there really is, ‘no place like home’

Until the next  time…..





Finding my feet

Hello, thanks for popping by…..


This week has been a really interesting one! I’ve managed to get lots of stitching done, probably more than usual!  I’ve decided to find snippets of time where ever I can and use them to sew, rather than run down my list of never ending jobs that need to be done….

I’ve also had chance to look at other people’s blogs and seen some really compelling work! Another of my favourite pastimes is reading; honestly sometimes I feel like I need just a few more hours in the day to cram everything in!

Everything feels transient in my sewing world this week….there really isn’t much to show as I’ve started a new piece of work using variegated threads which is a first for me! I’ll give you the run down on how I’ve got on next time, but so far…. I’m enjoying using coloured threads immensely!

See you again soon,


Progress… and a peek at something else.

Hello there, thanks for popping by….

This week I’ve been focusing mainly on Hardanger embroidery.

I feel I must tell you that these patterns are not my own; they’ve come from various Hardanger books and magazines that I’ve bought over the years.

I try to leave designing to the professionals! ( although I may have a tiny go, but only when I feel brave enough! It’s not for the faint hearted! )

Hardanger cream week 1.jpg

The picture below is a piece I’m working on that combines Hardanger  with Bargello embroidery, it’s also easy to add some Drawn thread work into the mix…but that’s for another post!


However I thought you might like to see what else I get up to when evening falls, and stitching with tonal thread and fabric loses its appeal!

EPP Week 1

Do you like it? It’s called EPP or English paper piecing to the uninitiated! This is a relatively new experience for me, but I love it. I love the portability of it and the fact that you don’t need a chart or pattern to work it…and here’s the best bit; you can just pick it up whenever you have a moment to spare.

This is going to be a cushion front, I love the autumnal colours and it will match perfectly with the sofa which is always a bonus, as I like colours to blend not shout.

See you next time…..




Hello there, thanks for popping by….

This is just an introductory post to introduce myself to the world of blogging!

I’m Debbie, and my creative passion is Hardanger embroidery….would you like to see?


I’m excited to be sharing my love and enthusiasm for this wonderful craft. Along the way, I’ll show you my triumphs and disasters, I’ll add my other creative pursuits like Knitting, Crochet and a little English Paper Piecing as well as anything else that piques my interest!

I hope you’ll join me on my crafting adventures…..shall we go?