Change is the galloping horse….

Hello there, thanks for popping by….

It’s been a wee while, I know, and I apologize profusely!  Sewing has been put on rather a large back burner over the last few weeks as I’ve dealt with ‘family’ stuff- crafting in short bursts, as and when the opportunity arose….

My Eldest is preparing for University, a life event we kinda knew was coming,and that would have to be prepared for, but is all of a sudden galloping towards us at a rate of knots! My youngest is  in the midst of GCSE’s…..

Change is a galloping horse around here, and all I can do is swing into the saddle, try not to grip the reigns for dear life…and enjoy the ride!

I have managed to get some sewing done though….here’s what I’ve been up to.

I started this piece of Hardanger embroidery last summer..I came across it again in a bag last week when I was looking for something else! Out it comes again and I’ve worked on it for a few days…


A bit of knitting on my Can Can Shawl…._20160516_133615

On Monday, I started a small piece of Hardanger embroidery because I wanted to work on white linen rather than the usual 28 count Brittany fabric, I just fancied a change!IMG_20160524_091509Until next time….


Spring is in the air, and a new Quilt journey (or two) begins…

Hello there, thanks for popping by….

Well, what a wonderful week of weather we’re having up here in the North!

It’s most unusual I have to say… generally, at this time of year, skies can be pretty grey and overcast although it’s usually still quite warm. This week however, we have been basking in glorious sunshine!Can Can Shawl

Believe it or not, I took this photograph before 9 am one morning last week!

I really believe that a sunny day can lift a mediocre mood heavenwards even if your circumstances are not the best in the world. I love to throw open the curtains in the morning and see the sunlight dancing across my pots and decking! As soon as I am able, you’ll find me with a mug of coffee in my hand and some knitting or sewing slung onto our tiny outside table and even if I just get to sit quietly for half an hour or so before the day begins properly, I find it shores me up for the rest of the day!

I also Started two new quilts  this week….

Sadly, I lost my Mum at the end of last year, and now feel ready and able to sew something to remember her by…. I must tell you though, how funny life is, and how this quilt came into being….

If you can imagine for a moment, my friend and I stood in our local home ware store that happens to stock a very small amount of patchwork fabric….now, I’ve been writing this blog for long enough  that if you scroll through the pictures, you will be able to see how muted my colour palate tends to be… I adore greens, russets, creams and blues….nowhere in those choices would you find anything remotely like this…The start of Mum's memory Quilt

My friend and I, we stood there… me, with this purple, blue and pink combo fat quarter bundle, clutched to my chest, and she, staring at me in disbelief.

‘Those are not your colours… what ARE you thinking?? ‘ but she is trying not to laugh.

‘I don’t know!’  I say, completely perplexed.

‘I’d put them back….they’re definitely not you…’

‘ You’re right, I think I will…lord knows what I’m doing….’

Ten minutes later we’re both queuing at the till and I go off on a run to find the fabric I really thought I didn’t want.. and it wasn’t until days later that I realised what was going on….I had to laugh, and then I rang my Sister….

My Mum had sheets exactly like that purple fabric when I was growing up as a girl in the Seventies!

And so, a new lap quilt is born…to join another I started a week ago, but this, in a colour combination I’m more familiar with! – I told you I was a ‘butterfly!’EPP diamonds - sunny morning

Until the next time….