Spring turns to Summer, and the Crafting goes on….

Hello there, thanks for popping by….

I really don’t know where the months are going! I love this time of year, when it’s not quite Summer, but Spring is beating a rather leasurely retreat. In the words of John Denver, (my favourite Country Singer) ‘some days are diamonds, some days are stone’  Some mornings I wake up to glorious sunshine, the world, and my crafting, is full of promise….other days the skies are leaden and I have to push myself to create anything…I find it fascinating, how much the seasons and the weather affect how creative I feel…during Winter I want to hunker down and knit or crochet blankets….I want to feel cozy, warm and thankful for the shelter my small home provides for us all….IMG_20161228_111119This photo was taken in Christmas week, that ‘waiting time’ between Christmas and New Year, when you may  still be on holiday from work, but family visitors or friends have come and gone but the New Year Celebrations are still a little way off… Looking back today at this photo, I feel a warm glow of rememberence, that was such a lovely day!

Moving on through the year, I find myself gravitating towards Patchwork and Hardanger Embroidery. The knitting and crochet are set aside until the Autumn and I can sit in my local Coffee House, where they have huge floor to ceiling windows, and a comfy Sofa right next to them…

The light is amazing, here!
I can sit in my tiny garden, and catch the early morning sun.

I feel incredibly lucky that knitting, sewing and crochet form such a back drop to my days. There is rarely a day that I don’t pick up a needle of some sort, or a hook, and while away an hour or two and I’m sure I would feel totally bereft without them.

This last couple of days I’ve been struggling very badly with the dreaded Hayfever… it has affected my nose and head so badly that I have been unable to doing any sort of Crafting at all. It has been truly awful, and tested my patience to the absolue limit, feeling grotty and unwell? I can cope with that….being unable to sew for fear of sneezing all over my precious work? Oh dear, I have suffered!

I have tried to console myself by looking at pictures of Hardanger and English Paper Piecing on Social Media, but there’s no substitute for the real thing!  Hopefully, tomorrow I will feel more like myself, and the pollen count will settle into more managable levels again, but until then…here’s some more work that I’ve been doing since in the last couple of months or so.

20170609_143732Hardanger Embroidery tablecloth. White 28count Evenweave fabric and Anchor Colour 1

20170517_134611Snow melt Shawl..making good progress here and onto Clue 3….

IMG_20170506_121555_065And the ‘Big Quilt’…. I’m on to the hand quilting now and enjoying every minute!

It isn’t in any way perfect, but I’ve learnt such a lot during the making of it, and I am thrilled to bits with it!

The Big Quilt really deserves a blog post all of it’s own…and I will try in the next few days to put one together… 😊

So until the next time,