Summer comes and goes!


Hello there, thanks for popping by…..

Well, what a Summer it has been! I hope the Summer has been kind to you, where ever you are! Mine has been lovely! Filled with warm days, finding time to be with friends and family, and once I got my Hayfever fully under control…lots of Crafting!

Here are a few pictures…..20170813_134533






This was my ‘Holiday’ make it is the first quilt I have ever made from start to finish, completely alone and I am thrilled to bits with it! 😊

There are definitely things that I want to improve upon next time… for example, I’d like my wadding in the binding, Β to ‘ fill’ the space it has a little better, so that there are no little gaps at the very top…It was also my first time using pre made Bias Binding. I usually make my own and I will go back to doing so, in the future! I didn’t like it at all, although I did like the gingham fabric…

I’m already thinking about my next quilt…I can’t wait to get started again! 😊

My eldest, has just returned from a Uni Field Trip to the Isle of Skye…I needed to keep my mind and hands occupied in the few days before he left…. that was the quickest pair of socks I have EVER knitted! Β I decided to make them on the Tuesday evening, and I finished them on the Saturday morning! admitedly, they were made with DK yarn, but still! 😁


In other news, I am very close to finishing my very first Sweater…would you like to see? It’s only taken me two years to get this far! πŸ˜‚20170921_164743

I’ve found it much easier to work on the kitchen floor, as I’ve been sewing this up…the light is better down here!

I’ll post again, when I have a FO (finished object) to show you…so for now, and until the next time….




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