It’s been a long time!

Hello there, thanks for popping by…

Well, I don’t really know where to begin, it’s been so long!
So I think I’ll just ‘dive right back in’ as though it was only last week that I was writing! ☺️
Here in the UK, we are slowly emerging from Lockdown, taking things day by day and, as awful as parts of it have been (I don’t want to dwell on that here, because ‘here’ is sewing and sanity… ☺️) I’ve have been very busy sewing and frankly, it’s held, and continues to hold me together!
My style has changed somewhat since last we spoke… for so long I worried about trying to find my ‘Artist Voice’
(Gosh, I hope that doesn’t sound too pretentious… but it is a ‘thing’!) well, quite by accident, I found it!
Really, if I’m being truthful, I did a whole lot of praying about it and in time I feel like that prayer was answered, but that’s a story for another time… ☺️
Would you like to see what I’ve been getting up to these days?
Well, here goes then..

This was a Bobbin Sampler Roll that I did back in June when I first started out on this new adventure… I was so lucky to have such good friends who donated bits of lace and ‘frippery’ so that I could try things out without spending any money… as you can see, my beloved hexagons are still there, but they’re smaller these days! I’ve also been experimenting with basic embroidery stitches and they worked beautifully in the setting.
FFrom there, I did a few Needle cases… This is one of them! That was great fun to do, but from there I got interested in Book or Journal Covers…

There’s so much more to show you, but perhaps I should leave it there for now? Perhaps you will have forgotten who I am!
But it doesn’t matter… I can always introduce myself again! ☺️
I hope that whatever part of the world you are in, you and your loved ones remain healthy and safe..
Until the next time, I hope you find some Crafting Time of your own..


2 thoughts on “It’s been a long time!

  1. I often find myself coming back. Your crafting projects are all very sweet. One thing really encouraged me though. Journal covering is what i want to do for myself next year. Not buying tge usual ready made ones. This last year I used Jesus Centered Life, it was very detailed with weekly, quarterly, and yearly goals. This year I am getting a spiral bound empty journal with no lines. Brave is going to be the title lol.
    Thanking the Lord that you are seeing refreshing times.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, thank you so much! Our Lord has been opening my eyes in ways I never expected this year and I’m so grateful for that.. in amongst all the anxiety, and worry, there has been this treasure of really having the time to explore my faith, which has always been very connected to my sewing. 😊
      Good luck with the journal! I love the idea of the Title, and if I can help in any way as you explore Journal Covering, just shout out either here or on Instagram… 😊😊


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